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Related article: Pledge Class - The Blow Job Task 7 Note: This story series includes depictions of gay sex, straight sex, bisexual sex, sex between college students and high school students (both male and female), Free Underage Sex Videos and incest. If that's not your thing or if it is illegal for you to read this story, then stop. This story is made up and does no depict anything true. Comments, suggestions, and helpful feedback are welcome. - Recap: Five freshmen had a final pledge task to blow each of the other 4 pledges on successive nights or find a substitute. Austin used his High School sister. Chet used his older sister. Nick reluctantly used his girlfriend. Dylan got his younger brother. And Brandon did it himself. All of the boys found unexpected consequences and new liaisons with their siblings and their pledge brothers. Pledge Class - The Blow Job Task Part 7  The Rest of the School Year Sunday Night It was completely silent in the basement again. The five young pledges were still trying to sort Free Underage Sex Videos out the very confusing past week. Despite all having been quite actively sexually until now, they were still only eighteen and nineteen years old. None of them were willing to truly say what was on their mind or ask any questions of the other. So, they say. And they waited. At 8:04pm, noise burst through the door at the top of the stairs as the 14 brothers in Gamma Zeta Omega entered. The silence disappeared and the tension was replaced with joy as the five boys were congratulated for their outstanding work. There were no more tests to come. They were about to become full and equal brothers in Gamma Zeta Omega. But before the induction ceremony, the brothers sat Free Underage Sex Videos the Free Underage Sex Videos pledges down on the couch for a surprise. The GZO president put on a homemade DVD noting that the editing and quality were rough, but the content was outstanding. The images that appeared caused them all to turn white in disbelief and shock. There was grainy, but clear video footage of them - completely plastered from week 1, discussing stolen goods from week 2, showing off some of the photos they had taken in week 3, and, mercifully brief, fucking those three hideous women in week 4. Apparently hidden cameras in the basement were no myth. Then came a montage of 23 blowjobs, one double-penetration, and multiple handjobs and masturbation that had occurred in the basement that previous week. Given the angles, some parts of the room had much better camera and microphone coverage than others, but there was no doubting the identity of each participant or what was happening. Of course, the video was technically child pornography with both Jess and Doug being Free Underage Sex Videos underage. It was also incredible blackmail material. And it was incredibly hot. Their fraternity brothers promised that the DVD would be locked in the vault and never see the light of the day. They had video and files on every pledge class in the fraternity's history. There were strong hints that they would want to follow-up personally on some of the details of the past week directly with the new brothers and perhaps some of their substitutes. Following the short, but powerful induction ceremony, the new brothers were shown their rooms in the house for the spring semester. Being a small select fraternity enabled the entire membership to live under one roof. Brandon and Chet would still room together as would Nick and Austin. Dylan would room with a sophomore who was also on the baseball team. As the 5 former pledges prepared to head out for a night of fun, they turned to each other and shared an unspoken conversation. The new brothers then requested permission to watch the DVD together by themselves. They sat in the basement, without speaking and without touching themselves or each other, and watched as they got blown over and over. Austin The fall semester ended two weeks later. Austin returned directly home and within 20 minutes of arrival was in bed fucking his 16-year-old sister Jess. Having learned that Chet had been with her, he knew he had to go there too. In fact, he hadnt been able to get her out his mind. Over the two weeks he was home for winter break, Austin and Jess fucked 29 times not counting 2 anal penetrations and multiple other interactions and combinations. It was an endless sexual whirlwind that neither, despite their young ample experience, had ever considered. Their parents were oblivious and merely noted how nice it was that their two kids were finally spending time together. Austin still thought his sister was a cheap tramp, but he enjoyed fucking that cheap tramp, especially in the Free Underage Sex Videos back of his Porsche. At the end of vacation, Jess sent him back to school, kept the Porsche as per the agreement, and resumed her free ways with the eager boys of town. Back at college, Austin found himself fascinated continually with younger girls. He knew he was playing a dangerous game as he picked up girls at the high school, but any girl who reminded him of his sister was one he wanted to consume in every possible position. After a couple potential scares with a 15-year-old and 16-year-old, their parents, and the threat of legal action, he backed off and stuck to the youngest looking college freshmen, obsessed with young, slutty girls the rest of the year. Chet The night after the induction ceremony, Chet drove up to his sister Sam's apartment. With her camera rolling, he impressed Trevor with his newly acquired blowjob skills. By winter break, Trevor and Skye had gotten engaged. Chad welcomed Trevor into the family by breaking the twenty-six-year-old's anal cherry. He congratulated Skye by fucking his sister for the first time. Soon after, they began to engage in threeways on a regular basis. When he wasnt visiting Sam and Trevor, Chet continued to make his way through the girls of campus. As a GZO brother, it was easier than ever. And back in the dorm room, Chet and Brandon continued to experiment together. Brandon Brandon recognized he had been hiding from himself. He was gay and though there was a physical pleasure in being with a girl, nothing matched being with a guy. He came out to his friends and family and quickly discovered a campus raging with gay sex opportunities. First, there were the many gay boys at school who delighted in a gorgeous, sexy, blond, 7.5-dicked, 511 tall 19-year-old looking for action. Who wouldnt? There were regular ass poundings and occasional blowjobs from Chet. He finally fucked Chet too. Chets tight ass, only visited by Trevor so far, was a sweet prize. Chet wasn't much into open-mouth kissing - not with girls either, Brandon note. But Chet was always horny and for Brandon to finally use his own dick to make Chet cry out in pleasure was amazing. Although he enjoyed it, Brandon knew that at heart he was a bottom. After a night of extended smoking pot and drinking, Brandon expanded his own hole when Dylan fucked him. He enjoyed sucking Dylan more than being fucked by his python. But his fraternity brother's chiseled body, ample cock, and surprising gentle way in Free Underage Sex Videos the bedroom was a joy. Dylan's younger brother Doug returned to the campus for a visit in March. Dylan was away that first night at a unexpectedly rescheduled baseball game, so Doug and Brandon spent a night together  sucking each other and Doug plowing the sexy college student. And whenever Brandon was simply horny, there was a house full of hot college fraternity brothers who were well aware of his skills and eager to be receive them. Dylan Dylan dumped his girlfriend Mia a few days after he became a brother, but not before he spent Monday evening fucking her repeatedly with a vengeance for refusing to be his substitute. Not that her refusal hadnt had positive results. Over winter break, Dylan and Doug spent their limited time together before Dylan had to return for early spring training. They drove into the mountains, went skiing, and spent each night  and each morning and each afternoon  naked in Free Underage Sex Videos each others arms. After several ass-poundings from his younger brother, Dylan insisted it was his turn. Their lodge manager nearly called the police when Doug screamed out as Dylan entered him and they had to wait until the next afternoon to complete Dylan's first fuck of his brother. Dylan was insatiable after that and they never got in the last couple days on the slopes as they explored every position and pleasure the two brothers could give each other. When Dylan returned from his rescheduled baseball game before dawn that March, he was surprised to find Brandon and Doug together asleep and naked in his bed. Shedding his own clothes, Dylan punished his little brother and his fraternity brother by making them both pleasure him. Three hours and one broken bed later, the three boys could all barely walk. Dylan didnt stop exploring women. In fact, freed from his exclusive relationship with Mia, he discovered how eager and willing the girls on campus were. When you are a 63 baseball hunk in Free Underage Sex Videos the hottest fraternity with a 10 cock, it isnt the least bit surprising that people desire you. Quite by accident, he discovered the teams centerfielder and one of the pitchers were gay. Dylan tried a different girl or boy every single night and gave into some of his more depraved sexual fantasies. One night, he had struck out four times in the game and stumbled off to drink and get stoned in self-pity. Chet, who had been watching his friend play, tried to cheer him up. After failing with jokes, imitations, and even a belly dance routine, Chet looked him in the eye and said, "What if I blow you?" Dylan didn't hesitate and began unbuttoning his jeans and releasing his cock. Chet had improved considerably with regular sessions with Trevor and occasional practice on Brandon and had long seen Dylan's cock as a true test. He remembered everything Brandon had told him and shown him. Although his jaw ached for a week, Chet found a way to cheer up Dylan that night. Dylan was satisfied, but confused. He knew Chet had also been acting out his bisexual Free Underage Sex Videos side since they become fraternity brothers, but he had never thought of Chet as a potential sexual partner. He also wondered whether he was 'officially' bisexual? Or was he a straight guy who had a brother fetish? A gay guy who sometimes slept with girls? Who was he - other than always ready for sex? Chet, perhaps sensing Dylans discomfort, began to prattle on with nervous laughter and awkward jokes. Ill figure this out tomorrow, Dylan decided. He pushed the smaller boy onto the bed and stripped off his clothing. Dylan was nine inches taller than Chet and had a sizeable cock advantage too, but Chet's 7" cock still looked huge next to his skinny frame. Dylan had also improved since that first blowjob with Doug, but with other guys he didn't give nearly as much as he received. Nevertheless, his mouth and hands showed impressive skill and he brought the surprised Chet to orgasm and swallowed. "You're too good a friend for us to do this again," Dylan whispered as they lay next to each other. "Friends can have privileges," Chet noted. "Brandon and I do." "I can't. My life is complicated enough. I need to bring in some simplicity." Dylan decided he needed to slow down and figure himself out. He called Doug and asked if they could take a break until they had a chance to figure things out this summer in person. Doug was disappointed, but he had also been fucking both the homecoming king and queen, so his own needs were well taken care of. Dylan began to have more committed, longer term relationships - but still alternated between guys and girls in who he was dating. Nick Nick broke up with Skye on the night of the installation after watching the double penetration fuck on both the brother's DVD and the video he had shot himself. Despite his fellow pledge's urgings, he remained alone in the basement and watched each of them three times. Late that night, after a mostly inebriated Austin returned from partying to their room, Nick told him that he was still angry at him. Austin was still feeling somewhat guilty and asked what he could do to make up for it. "Since you fucked Skye's ass, I think we'll be even if I fuck yours." Nick's fuck of Austin was anything but sexy. Austin was in pain the whole time and Nick pounded him in anger and without much compassion. When it was done, Nick offered to blow Austin, but his roommate didn't have a hardon and just wanted to be left alone. The tension hadn't lifted. Nick was the only man to ever fuck Austin. On his way to Dylan's room the next night to settle up with him, he learned from Brandon that Dylan was off pounding Mia. The two talked in Brandon's room for a while when Brandon leaned forward and kissed him. I know youre mad about things, Nick, Brandon consoled him. And youll do what you have to do. But tonight, how about we both make each other feel good. Where's the sweet, fun Nick we all miss?" The two made love into the early hours. Nick was aggressive, as he usually was, but not angry. He was forceful, direct, and incredibly hot. Later that week, Brandon told Dylan what had happened and about Nick's feelings and how they needed to be resolved. Nick and Dylan talked and smoked together that night and Dylan offered to blow Nick to make it even. Dylan hadn't yet been fucked by anyone except the one time with Doug. "You fucked my girlfriend. I get to fuck you. Then we're even." Through his bong haze that seemed to somehow make sense to Dylan agreed. He hoped it would salvage the friendship. Free Underage Sex Videos Only the second man to fuck Dylan, it was easier this time with Nick's slightly smaller dick and Dylan's non-virgin hole. Nick found his anger dissipating as he released into the Free Underage Sex Videos ass of the third baseman. After he pulled out, he saw Dylan's ample cock was semi-hard and without waiting, engulfed the massive cock. He had never given head, and this was quite the challenging first one, but the week of blowjobs had shown him a variety of techniques and he put his education to the test. Nick tried to make peace with Austin who was still upset by the drunken ass-plowing. After several days of resentful silence, Austin stormed out of their new room. Nick got undressed and passed out - the anger, alcohol, and arguments exhausting him. Nick woke a couple hours later to feel something smacking his lips. Opening his eyes, he saw Dylans cock pushing against his lips. Behind him, he felt Austins strong arms hold him and his cock push against his ass. "You've been a real asshole, Nick," Austin said, smiling from the large amount of grass he and Dylan had been smoking. "It was your girlfriend's deal - not ours - and yet you've been taking it out on all of us. We gave into you out of friendship. Now you need to do the same. One more thing and we're all even, okay?" Nick nodded and prepared to take in the two brothers. Nick had only been fucked a couple times in high school, so Austins entry was painful. Trying to enjoy the backdoor experience was challenged by the massive tool pushing in and out Free Underage Sex Videos of his mouth. After a little bit, the boys flipped him over. Dylan entered him from behind and Nick made love to Austins skinny long dick. As he got used to it, he understood what Skye desired in two cocks at once. The brothers didn't waste any more time and both came quickly on their friend. Having resolved all the issues with his brothers, Nick's warm smile and personality returned. He was back to being the friendly, delightful, beautiful, spiky-haired boy they all preferred. Nick turned his focus back to girls. He had been faithful to Skye throughout their dating and hadn't been with any other girl or a guy. Now he took advantage of his looks and the previously untapped sexual world of college. He began to fuck any girl in sight. With Chet spending time with his sister and brother-in-law, Brandon having come out, Dylan still playing both sides of the street, and Austin trolling the high school to find girls that looked like his sister, Nick was the new dominant young heterosexual force on campus. Late that spring, he impressed everyone by fucking all six high school seniors visiting their sister sorority house over one long weekend. But all of it left Nick somewhat empty. He began to e-mail Skye and realized his affection for her hadn't actually dimmed. After several phone calls and then a trip to her campus, they began to flirt with reconciliation and Free Underage Sex Videos long distance dating. Nick began to consider being monogamous again. Austin, Chet, Brandon, Dylan, and Nick - the five brothers all found new opportunities and experiences that week of the blow job task. It came in 2 sisters, a brother, a girlfriend, a brother-in-law, and in the arms, hands, asses, mouths, and cocks of their pledge brothers. That week dramatically changed each of their lives and their relationships with each other and with those around them. It opened the door to an amazing, sexually-charged, but exhausting freshman year. Of course, then the summer came& ******************** Thanks to everyone who sent such positive comments on this story  my first. If you have ideas or requests for these characters, or other stories, drop me a line:
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